Kelly’s TANNING Salon & Spa

Kelly’s is proud to be a Sun Evolutions Platinum Salon. Sun Evolutions is dedicated to offering the absolute best performing tanning products available.

Formulated using the highest quality sun and skincare ingredients with state of the art technology, Kelly’s Tanning Salon & Spa offers a wide selection of Sun Evolution’s most popular and innovative brands, such as Supre Tan, Hempz and Snooki.

Sun Evolutions design products that appeal to all of our performance needs and a unique sense of personal style.

Lotion Types

MAXIMIZER – Helps to boost the natural tanning process by increasing Melanin production in the skin. Maximizers are perfect for beginner tanners or tanners who are wanting to achieve natural looking color without the use of Bronzers.

NATURAL BRONZER – Enhances the skin’s natural tanning process by utilizing natural bronzing ingredients (without DHA) that even out skin tone and add streak free color. Natural Bronzers are perfect for beginner tanners or tanners that want darker streak free golden bronze color without the use of DHA.

BRONZER – Increases the skins dark color by utilizing DHA and Natural Bronzers for darker, richer color that continues to develop after UV exposure and can last up to several days. DHA reacts with the proteins on the surface of the skin to provide a rich golden tan. Bronzers are perfect for tanners that have an established base tan or darker complexions that are wanting to take their tan to the next level fast.

TINGLE/HOT – Intensifies the tanning process by stimulating microcirculation to the surface of the skin. Tingle/Hot products are recommended for experienced tanners only. Tingle/Hot products should never be used on the face, by beginner tanners or those with sensitive skin. A spot test before full body application is recommended. Be careful when handling children as reddening sensation can be transferred upon contact hours after use.

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